Here at Inspiration Dance Academy we offer preschooler classes for our youngest dancers! These classes are available for students from the age of two. There are a huge number of benefits to these classes but we will start with just a few.


Firstly, our pre-schooler students are given the potential to socialise with new people, and create new friendships from a young age. Our students spend time with their new friends during class each week and get to experience performing and dancing together. Our preschooler classes are a great way to create and strengthen bonds between children.


Secondly, in our pre-schooler classes, students are taught the essential basics of dance. We offer ballet, jazz and tap classes for our preschool students and here, students are equipped with the potential to thrive as they grow into the dance world and experience more styles of dance.


Lastly, our preschoolers are given the opportunity to perform onstage at our mid year Demonstration Day and our end of year concert. This onstage performance is what our students look forward to the most throughout the year! Our preschooler students love getting to wear their costumes onstage, and look forward to the awesome trophy that they get at the end of their performance!


Our preschooler classes are an amazing way for children to experience new things and make new friends, through the art of dance!