Mini’s Classes At Inspiration!

Inspiration Dance Academy offers classes for our littlest dancers. Mini’s classes are for our 2 – 4 years old classes (Tinys tots is from 12 months of age) . In 2021 classes run Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday mornings. Our Minis enjoy Jazz, Ballet and Tap classes, where they enjoy participating in a range of fun, challenging and engaging activities that prepare them with many different skills.


So what is it that makes our Mini classes so great?


Well to begin with, IDA prides itself on making sure all of our students feel welcome, safe and supported as soon as they step foot through our studio doors. Our Mini classes are the perfect opportunity for your little one to meet new people, interact with children their age, and form lasting, meaningful relationships. Believe it or not, many of our Senior students are still best friends with students they started together with as Minis. Your child will be encouraged to engage and participate with other students, and develop their social, interactive and communication skills.


Our Minis classes are the perfect foundational basis for a successful future in dance. Our Ballet, Jazz and Tap classes will prepare your child with the skills, movement ability and knowledge they need to excel in any future dance endeavours they wish to follow. With a strong focus on coordination, flexibility, gross motor skills, agility, balance and rhythm, these classes will build your little one into a superstar groover!


Importantly, at IDA we understand the importance of building your child’s self-confidence. Our non-competitive, supportive studio environment ensures that your little one will feel comfortable to express themselves through dance. Our teachers provide consistent encouragement, and support the facilitation of a friendly classroom, where students uplift and motivate one another. As a class, our students work towards our mid-year performance and end of year Concert, where they perform for their friends and family. Our Mini students look forward to both of these performances every year, and are always in awe of the costumes and trophies they receive!


So what are you waiting for? Contact Miss Hayley today to receive your free Mini classes trial, and get your child involved in something that will provide them with skills, confidence and friendships that will last them a lifetime.