Here at Inspiration Dance Academy our Performance Stream classes are targeted at dancers who want to take their performance skills to the next level. Performance Stream is a chance for our dancers to excel on stage, all while creating friendships and learning important life skills. There are a number of reasons as to why Performance Stream is a great idea for any dancer who wants to improve their dance ability.


Firstly, Performance Stream helps to improve a dancers performance quality and confidence. Our Performance Stream groups are regularly performing onstage, allowing our dancers to gain more confidence and strength as dancers. Many of our Performance Stream students will finish their first year as part of the group, with so much more stage presence and confidence as to when they first begun. Performance Stream is an excellent tool for building a dancers confidence.


Secondly, dancers who are a part of our Performance Stream are given many great opportunities! Our dancers have performed at the Royal Easter Show for many years now, which is one of their favourite places to perform! They have also danced at many local fetes and shows, and not to mention all of the competitions they have competed at! The opportunities given to our Performance Stream dancers are some of the highlights of our year! Not to mention, our Performance Stream dancers get their very own concert half way through the year!


Thirdly, our Performance Stream classes are excellent for team-building. Being a part of this group means that you a part of a team, and at IDA we all work as one. Our Performance Stream students know that in this group it is all-for-one, and one-for-all, and that everything we do in our group is to benefit the team. We are all working with a team mentality!


Lastly, Performance Stream has an excellent social aspect! The students in this group are always with each other, learning the routines and performing them together. Many of our studios’ friendships have been built in Performance Stream class, and many of our older students are still great friends with the people they met in Performance Stream many years ago.


So, Inspiration Dance Academy’s Performance Stream classes have many great benefits for all involved. Hopefully we will see even more smiling faces in our groups in 2020!