As we begin to approach closer and closer to September 29ththis year, 26 dancers and their families are beginning to feel more and more ecstatic. Why is this you ask? Because 26 Inspiration Dance Academy students and their families are jet-setting all the way to the other side of the world on September 29th2018 to experience a once in a lifetime opportunity…

IDA is taking on the USA!!!

To celebrate 10 wonderful years of business, Inspiration Dance Academy is heading on a dance trip to the States, to provide our dancers with some of the best opportunities a dancer can experience. In both Hollywood and Anaheim, our dancers are going to experience some of the best dance workshops in the world, in some of the most world-renound studios, and perform at some pretty amazing places, where they will bring a little bit of our Australian talent to the USA!

To begin our trip in the USA, IDA is heading to Hollywood, where our journey will really begin. Hopefully after the 14 hour flight, we can get some rest, because the days to come are jam-packed with fun and dance. While in Hollywood, we will be taking dance classes in two of the most well-known studios in the world, Millennium Dance Complex, and the Edge Studios LA. Here, we will be filled with knowledge and grow as dancers, learning from some of the most well-known choreographers LA has to offer.

Next, IDA will take on Universal Studios, where we will show off what Australian talent is all about, in a 30 minutes performance in the park! We have been rehearsing long and hard for this, so let’s show the USA what we Aussies are made of!

After lots and lots of sightseeing, and maybe a bit of cheeky shopping, we will be taking our 26 students from Hollywood to Anaheim, the land of Disney! Here, our dancers will be taking workshops from Disney’s amazing choreographers, and performing on the amazing Disney stage in the park! What an amazing opportunity!

Our dancers cannot wait for this amazing opportunity and are practising hard! September 29thcan’t come soon enough! See you soon USA!