On the 9thof July 2019, 19 Inspiration Dance Academy students and their families were about to experience the trip of a lifetime! It was time for IDA in QLD!!!

Miss Hayley and each of the dancers had worked so hard up until this moment, so now it was time for us to have a great trip, and dance our hearts out!

We all arrived at the airport, ready to go and unable to wipe the smiles off our faces! It was the moment we had all been waiting for. We all ate some lunch at the airport, took photos and said goodbye to our family and friends who were staying at home, before we jumped on the plane, ready for what the trip had planned for us when we landed in Queensland. The plane ride went by in a flash and before we knew it, we were in QLD! We all hopped onto a bus and rode to our lovely hotel in Broadbeach that we were staying at for the next week. After checking in and putting down our bags, we all got ready for our big welcome dinner at Gemelli Italian Restaurant. They did a wonderful job at catering for all forty something of us! The food was delicious and we were all so full! It was a wonderful night! Then, it was time to rest, because the next day was our big performance at Dreamworld!!!

The next day we woke up nice and early, got ourselves ready and met in the lobby, ready to board the bus to Dreamworld! Everybody was so excited to dance, and then to ride all the crazy rollercoasters. We arrived at Dreamworld and took lots of photos in front of the sign in our tracksuits and costumes. When we walked into the park we were overwhelmed with emotions, mainly nerves and excitement! We arrived at the stage, and it was time to perform. Backstage we were giving each other words of encouragement, warming up, stretching, and reminding each other to smile and have fun, because this would be a once in a lifetime opportunity! We ran out onto the stage and we all clicked into performance mode! Smiles were on and energy was through the roof, we crushed it! We all dance so beautifully and Miss Hayley was so proud of us! All of our hard work had certainly paid off! Our families and friends, and everyone else in the audience gave us the biggest cheer! After the performance, we took some photos on the stage, before Miss Abbey got the most wonderful surprise. Her mum, who had been living away in Melbourne for the past year, was there and had watched the whole performance! There were lots of happy tears shed! It was then time to enjoy the rest of our day at Dreamworld, and boy, did we have a good day. Lots of rollercoasters, photos, laughs, and churros later, it was time to hop back on the bus and say goodbye to Dreamworld. It is certainly safe to say that everyone got a great sleep that night!

The next day we were lucky enough to have a free day, were we were able to spend the day doing whatever we liked. Some people chose to swim in the pool, some went to the beach, some ate some yummy food and some spent the day spending lots of money at the amazing shopping centre that was across the road from out hotel, Pacific Fair! It was awesome to have a day to relax, and recover from the busy day we had before.

After we had all had a day off, relaxing in the QLD sun, it was time to get back into it with two classes at Mad Dance House Brisbane. The next day the 19 dancers, along with Miss Hayley boarded the bus to Brisbane. When we arrived at Mad Dance House we took lots of photos and said hi to all of the lovely staff that worked there. Then, it was time to dance! The juniors took a jazz class with Sara Jane while the seniors took a contemporary/lyrical class. They were amazing! We then swapped over, and the seniors took a jazz class, and the juniors took a contemporary/lyrical class. Wow! We all had such an amazing time, learning from two very talented choreographers and dancers. Thankyou so much ladies for teaching us such valuable lessons, and providing us with this amazing opportunity! 19 exhausted dancers then hopped back onto the bus and headed back to our hotel in Broadbeach, we definitely needed a big sleep!

The next day, it was time for our final class! We all woke up nice and early to hop back onto the bus to Brisbane! This time we were heading to Dance Barre by Katie Dickens! This class was sure to get us all sweating! When we arrived we said hello to the staff and then got started. We were told by our lovely instructor Sammi that our class would consist of three mini classes. They were called BounceFit, Dance Cardio and Barre. We started with BounceFit and wow, was that hard! We each got our own mini trampoline and were working out while jumping! It was incredible, but so hard! Then it was time for Dance Cardio, and time to sweat even more! We had so much fun jamming out to some of our favourite songs while getting our muscles working. Lastly, it was time for Barre, and this really got our leg muscles burning! Thankyou so much to Katie and Sammi for teaching us so much, and letting us sweat our butts off in your studio! The amount of red faces in the room was ridiculous! We then all hopped back on the bus and headed back to our hotel for our last night in QLD L

We celebrated our last night with another group dinner, where we all chatted and laughed over some of our favourites memories from the trip. Some of the younger girls went with their mums and got some amazing desserts from one of the restaurants near our hotel. The desserts were huge!

The next day, we all said goodbye to our hotel and goodbye to all our friends who were extending their travels and hopped on the bus to the airport. We were all so sad to leave! We all hopped on the plane and headed back to Sydney, so sad to be leaving, but full of happy memories from our amazing trip!

IDA in QLD was definitely one of the most amazing, memorable experiences that our dancers have had. We were fortunate enough to have great weather the whole trip and created new friendships and strengthened bonds that will last forever. We were so lucky to have been taught by so many mazing people during our classes, and we got to perform at Dreamworld in front of so many people! It really was such an amazing trip, we can’t wait for the next one!


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