What is Demonstration Day?


Demonstration Day is Inspiration Dance Academy’s annual mid-year showcase run at Woolooware High School. It is one of the most exciting days on the IDA calendar and is a fun and friendly way for students to perform, and showcase their talent to family and friends! There are a huge number of benefits of Demonstration Day, but to save time, I’ll just mention a few!


Firstly, Demonstration Day is all about teamwork and cooperation. Performing on stage with others is a huge team effort, and involves working together to achieve a common goal. Demonstration Day allows us to work as a team, learning new routines and combinations, whilst also having fun and making new friends. Through this teamwork, valuable skills such as cooperation and leadership are built, improving our confidence and our ability to work together successfully!


Secondly, Demonstration Day gives all students a goal to work towards! Knowing that the end goal is performing in front of all your family and friends, we all want to try our best and give our all during class time. Thanks to Demo Day, students are kept motivated throughout the entire year, and strive to achieve goals every term. Demo Day gives us all a common goal to focus on, making sure that we remember our corrections, learn our combinations, and perform our routines with confidence!


Thirdly, Demonstration Day is like a concert test-run! Getting up on stage at our end of year concert can be a bit daunting for those who have never been on stage before (but trust me, its well worth the nerves!) Luckily, those pre-show jitters are so much easier to control when you have experience on your side. Demo Day is the perfect way for first-time performers to calm their nerves and to learn how fun performing on stage really is! Once, you’ve performed at Demo Day, the concert will be a walk in the park!


Fourthly, Demonstration Day is such a fun, relaxed and calm day, that is beneficial for all students. Demo Day is all about performing for our family and friends, in a calm and relaxed setting, it really is a no-stress zone! Demo Day is the perfect chance for students to show their family and friends what they have learnt in class, and to showcase their skills. Plus, on Demo Day, we get lots and lots of stage time, which is such a great experience for both students and the audience! Demonstration Day is a family-oriented, friendly day, where everyone is the star of the show!


And of course, last but not least… everyone gets a super cool, very shiny medal to congratulate them for their performance!!!


See you on Saturday the 28th of July, for Demonstration Day 2018!!


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