Every year, Inspiration Dance Academy holds their end of year concert, to celebrate everything our students have achieved over the year. The concert is definitely one of the best days of the year and is something all of our students look forward to.


There are so many reasons why the concert is the greatest day of the year, but I’ve narrowed it down to just a few.


  1. I couldn’t go past one of the most important parts of the concert as my number one reason on this list… THE COSTUMES!! To say that our students get excited about wearing their amazing costumes on the stage is an understatement. All of our students love getting to dance on stage in front of their family and friends in their amazing costumes, it is so exciting for them.



  1. At the concert, students often meet other students from different classes that they haven’t met before. When you share a dressing room with lots of other people who all love to dance, friendships often form. Some of our longest IDA friendships have started in those dressing rooms backstage.



  1. The concert is the biggest opportunity for students to showcase to their parents all the hard work they have been doing over the year. It is the students’ time to shine, and to show off how talented and amazing they really are!



  1. Dancing on stage gives our students lots of confidence to perform! Over the years, it is amazing to see how much more confidence our students gain after dancing on stage each concert. Practice makes perfect!


  1. And how could I forget, after the concert is over, and during the finale, for all their hard work, students are given a huge trophy to congratulate them for all their hard work! It really is such a big effort from everyone, so they need to be congratulated!



We cannot wait for this year’s IDA concert on Saturday November 16th. See you all there!