Concert Information 2022




  • Saturday 29th October 2022
  • Horizon Church Sutherland, 7 Stapleton Ave Sutherland
  • 3 concerts: 10.00am, 1.00pm and 5.00pm -These classes listed are performing in more than one concert. Senior Contemporary Tuesday, Pre-Senior Jazz Thursday, Intermediate Acrobatics, Pre-Senior Open Ballet Tuesday. If you child’s class is scheduled for more than one concert they MUST be in attendance for both performances. It is not possible to create two different versions of the one routine and would put a lot of pressure on other students.
  • All Mini Classes need to collect a wristband with their name and class on it prior to the concert(will be with costume)
  • Concert Tickets can be purchased through the Trybooking link https://www.trybooking.com/CDDKF




  • Arrival Times :

These are very important due to security we need students in their change rooms before we open our doors to the public to come and sit in their seats. So please allow time for parking (this will be limited with so many families arriving at the same time.)

ALL students to arrive in their first costume with something covering their outfit (i.e. jacket)!


10.00am Concert is to ARRIVE in their change room from  8.55am – 9.00am (Allow for parking as the markets are being held at the same time)

(Minis will get a separate email about drop off times etc)


1.00 pm Concert is to ARRIVE in their change room from 11.50am -12.00pm.


5.00 pm Concert is to ARRIVE in their change room from 3.50pm – 4.00pm.

This is so we can organise students, practice any last minute touches but also settle the children while making sure everyone is ready and has arrived before we open our doors.


  • Once you have placed your things in your change room proceed directly to sit on the stage for a school meeting and practice. Regardless of what dance we practice on the stage you should be dressed in your first outfit for the concert.


Mini Students only: Please refer to another email regarding your arrival


If you are unsure or have a question to ask please make sure you ask Miss Hayley BEFORE concert day as Miss Hayley will be coordinating backstage on the concert day. WE will be off email from Friday 28th October 2022.




This is important so the children don’t come on stage looking sloppy:

  • All hair MUST have hairspray, gel or mousse in it to keep it in place.
  • NO wispy fly away bits of hair. Please pin all hair back into place with hair coloured bobby pins (not fairy or bright colour pins/clips) Remember the hair must stay in all concert so please do very firm.
  • No coloured hair elastics – please use either black or white or the colour of your hair
  • ALL Fringes need to be pinned back.
  • A good idea is to do hair when it is wet or dirty so it can be done very slick
  • Please place extra hair elastics and bobby pins in your child’s bag in case there hair becomes loose before their performance we will be able to fix this issue.


  • Pig tails on either side of the head (ear height) with a part down the centre of the head


  • Low ponytail – Middle part, brushed into ponytail. If you have thick hair it may be best to use two strong hair elastics, no wispy bits , lots of hair spray






  • No nail polish, earrings or temporary tattoos to be worn
  • No Jewellery to be worn with any costume unless specified
  • Junior level and above: Stage make up required (brown/earthy Eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara, blush, red lipstick and false eyelashes are recommended for older students) Please remember this is not make up to go to a party in but rather highlight your facial expressions on stage. The stage lights are very bright and will make you look washed out and ghost like without make up
  • Mini, Beginner and Primary Classes: For the younger students basic make up is required. Just so they don’t look washed out in the stage ( lipstick, mascara, blush)






YOU MUST be dressed in your costume for your first dance when you are dropped off for the concert. (Refer to your running order)





Hats: If you child wears a hat in the concert this needs to be attached with clear elastic otherwise it falls off and distracts the student from their dancing.Do not turn up with no elastic on hats.

Gloves/Long Socks: If you are wearing gloves or long socks please make sure they do not fall down your arm or legs by wearing the same coloured elastic over the top of the glove or sock to keep them in place

Braces: Please adjust the length of your child’s braces before the concert day. For younger students it is a good idea to pin these to their clothing with safety pins as well so it does not distract them while they are dancing

Headbands: If your costume has a headband it must have bobby pins in place. Please place these on the headband before arrival so dressers can help put these in place when the students are getting ready

Costume Glasses: if your costume has glasses please make sure these have elastic to secure them form falling off in your performance

Tiaras: if your costume has a tiara your child needs at least 4 closed bobby pins so backstage crew can secure this in place. Please do not turn up without bobby pins





  • Please adjust the straps so that it fits comfortable on the child without falling down their arm. It is very distracting for the child when they are dancing.
  • One shoulder costumes: If you have a one shoulder costume feel free to attach clear elastic strap on the open shoulder
  • Please make sure straps of bras/crop tops are not visible and properly hidden and pinned


  • Please label everything. (Even the clothes you are going to wear home)
  • No stockings unless stated in your what to wear note
  • Place each costume in glad snap lock bags with what is in the bag to wear. This makes it easier for dressers to help and also so you can check you have everything.
  • If you have a quick change this is very important it goes in the quick change bucket (before the concert) and will be lost if not properly sealed and labelled.
  • For younger students it is easier if you label front and back of their costume so the changes are quicker – especially leotards/tutus
  • Costume CARE:There are no spare costume please take go care of your costumes and place all back in your bags





  • It is important while changing everything goes back into your child’s bag, especially those in two concerts as we do not have any spare costumes. For students in numerous amounts of routines we suggest a tub so once they have performed all their costume parts go in to this tub with their name on it and not into their bag with the unworn costumes. This may help students to get less confused on what to put on.





Please make sure you have the correct shoes. At rehearsal/class there has been a lot of students wearing incorrect shoes.

  • Ballet: Pink ballet shoes with elastic (unless specified). The front tie needs to be tucked in not tied in a bow. Some costumes you need pink ballet stockings please check your notes… NO BALLET SOCKS
  • Jazz: Black jazz shoes. NO SOCKS (NO JAZZ BOOTS)
  • Tap: Black tap shoes. NO SOCKS
  • Hip Hop: As per note
  • Contemporary: Bare feet if you have dancing foot thongs you can wear these but not essential.
  • Mini classes: bare feet





Please make sure you child has appropriate underwear. Red polkas dots don’t look good under stage lights especially if they are hanging half way down their leg. White or skin colour underwear unless specified.

For some costumes certain underwear has been specified such as costumes that are dresses or have skirts so when the kids jump about it doesn’t look messy with all different colour undies.

Please remember leotards are meant to look like swimming costumes you wouldn’t wear your undies underneath and half way down your leg when you go swimming.





Please check if you have a QUICK CHANGE (5 or less dances in between- unless notified)

If you have a quick change please make sure your costume goes in the correct quick change bucket in dressing room 1 and notify Miss Hayley via email before the concert. It needs to be in a snap lock bag clearly labelled otherwise they will get lost. Please collect your costumes after each concert and re pack before the next concert





In between the concerts your child will need to be picked up and supervised. We WILL NOT be supervising children in this break as we need to set up for the next concert. Please organise with a parent to pick up your child or work out car pooling.





No parents are allowed backstage or in dressing rooms. This is for safety reasons as well as it unsettles the children.

After many years of concerts and experience we have found it actually makes it more difficult and unsettling for parents that hang around fussing over the children.

We want the students to be ready and in their lines on the side and this can be very hard to organise with lots parents backstage, If there is a problem we will call you over the loud speaker or on your mobile.




As each student is in different dances our backstage crew have lists of who to collect for each dance. This may mean brothers and sisters may end up in different dressing rooms so they can be with their class so please pack separate bags for each child

  • Own water bottle with name on it (cordial and juice won’t look so good on the costume if it gets spilt)
  • Some light dry snacks they won’t get spilt on costumes
  • Any medications they may need
  • No nuts are to be bought backstage for health reasons
  • Costumes
  • Smiles 
  • We will have some colouring in sheets in the younger dressing rooms so pencils can be bought (No textas/crayons)
  • No valuables – everyone is responsible for their own belongings please do not bring valuables to the concert.




There is to be no photography or videography at the concert. You may be asked to leave if doing so. We have organised a videographer that we use each year to record all concerts and send out through a digital link. This recording will feature ALL 3 concerts and all routines throughout the whole day. As many parents have said in the past it is a great way for students to watch and be inspired by.




For parents coming to collect children after the concert we suggest the concert will run for the duration of approximately 1.5 hours Please understand that we cannot give an exact time as it can hard to estimate how long it will take to get younger students on and off the stage etc. So please allow for this time frame give or take the 15 minutes. Students are not allowed to leave without someone to collect them so please make sure you come into the entertainment centre to collect them.

Students can be collected after their performance – some younger students in more than one concert may prefer to be collected after their performance




As you can imagine it is a big job with lots of students to sign in and out on the concert day. Please be patient and kind to all our staff. We ask all students to make sure they know prior to the concert day their dressing room number (emailed closer to date). After the concert if parents can come into the dressing room and collect their child/check they have everything and sign out their child on the way out from the dressing room.


Thank you to all the parents for all their help this year in preparation for the concert. This is a great day for the students and I know on behalf of myself and the IDA team we appreciate all their help.

Thanks Miss Hayley





  • Costumes in bag – clearly labelled with name and what to wear
  • Stockings- if needed
  • Extra Hair elastic and bobby pins – (please place some extra hair pins in students bag in case hair becomes insecure or needs for hair pieces)
  • Appropriate underwear
  • Dance Shoes – clearly labelled
  • Water/Light Dry Snack
  • Safety Pins
  • No nail polish/earrings/jewellery
  • No temporary tattoos